Are you, or someone you know, going traveling soon?

Whether it’s for business or leisure, the last thing that you want is to catch germs right before the trip of a lifetime or an important business trip, right?

We’ve put together our top five carry-on essentials to help fight off those nasty bugs that are carried throughout the entire plane.

1) Mānuka Honey Drops

Manuka South UMF Propolis Drops

Our Mānuka honey Drops are perfect for anyone who needs to refresh or has a nagging cough (you don’t want to be THAT person on the plane)

Each Manuka South Drop contains the natural goodness of New Zealand UMF 15+ Mānuka honey to help get you through your flight at ease.

We’ve got two different flavours:
Lemon & honey to help soothe a dry mouth and throat and a nagging cough
Hot Menthol to help clear and soothe irritated or blocked airways.

Each drop is individually wrapped making this more convenient for you put some in your pocket, some in your carry on and even some in your handbag!

Trust us… once you have one you’ll be left wanting more!


2) Propolis Oral Spray

Manuka South Propolis Throat Spray

Manuka South’s Premium Propolis Oral Spray is designed to deliver the health-boosting benefits of propolis and UMF® Mānuka honey.

Oral Spray allows for targeted relief and ideally faster recovery of issues that may affect the throat. It is ideal when traveling or in the workplace during the cold and flu season.


The addition of UMF 15+ Mānuka honey helps to combat bugs in the throat, alongside the blend of aniseed, peppermint and clove oil act to sooth irritated tissue as well as reduce pain.

Making it the perfect travel companion.


3) Anti-Bacterial Wipes

One of the most grimiest place on an airplane unfolds right into your lap. A 2015 study found that tray table surfaces had more than eight time the amount of bacteria than the flush buttons!

So what better item to have in your carry-on than anti-bacterial wipes to kill off that bacteria!

Here’s a few other surfaces on a plane that you might also want to keep your wipes handy for:

Airplane bathrooms are cleaned regularly (disinfected overnight and between long flights), there are still roughly 50 people that use the bathroom throughout long haul flights.

TravelMath found that the flush buttons had 265 Colony-forming units per square inch. (a measure of viable bacterial or fungal cells)

The buckle of a seat belt
Found 230 Colony-forming units per square inch (a measure of viable bacterial or fungal cells), which isn’t surprising since every passenger touches their buckle at least two times during the flight.

Overhead air vents/buttons above your seat
Found 285 Colony-forming units per square inch (a measure of viable bacterial or fungal cells) on their dials, this means that they contain more bacteria than the toilet flush buttons!

4) UMF 15+ New Zealand Mānuka honey

Mānuka honey is native to New Zealand and is not produced anywhere else in the world.

It’s made from nectar from the flowers of the Mānuka bush and is highly concentrated in compounds that have antibacterial and antibiotic effect.

Mānuka honey is known both anecdotally and scientifically to offer several health benefits due to its antibacterial, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties.

Now I know what you’re thinking; “I can’t just carry a whole jar of honey on a plane!”

Well, we’ve got the answer to that problem! Recently, we launched the perfect travel companion, a 125g jar of UMF 15+ Manuka honey.

125g gives you 12.5 servings, so this will last you just almost two weeks while you are travelling around!

This product was produced specifically for our jet-setting customers who value their health.

Prefect for traveling, these little cuties are just the right size to have in your carry-on luggage!

You can get your Mānuka Honey fix but having it straight from the spoon, or add into your hot drink for extra sweetness for your mid-flight treat.

5) Hand sanitizer

To avoid touching the hand basin tap (and not to mention the sinks are always so small to get both hands under to wash correctly) pack your own hand sanitizer.

Hand sanitizer periodically kills of any germs that you may have picked up throughout your journey.

They are great as the alcohol works immediately and effectively in order to kill bacteria and most viruses.