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Manuka Honey is Halal Certified

FIANZ Halal Assurance Ensuring Quality and Integrity

Our honey and pollen products at Manuka South uphold the highest standards of quality and integrity, ensuring they meet the diverse needs of our global clientele. We are proud to provide the following range of exquisite bee products, including our renowned Manuka Honey, are certified as Halal by FIANZ Halal, the leading authority on Islamic dietary guidelines in New Zealand.

This certification attests to our commitment to providing products that comply with Islamic principles and regulations, ensuring they are permissible and pure for consumption by our Muslim customers worldwide. With FIANZ Halal certification, customers can trust that our products have been meticulously inspected and adhere to strict Halal standards throughout the production process. We are dedicated to catering to the dietary requirements and preferences of our customers, offering them the assurance of authenticity, quality, and adherence to Halal practices in every jar of our premium products.

Manuka Honey being UMF Tested and Certified
UMF Manuka Honey Logo

UMF Certified Local Guaranteed Quality

UMF, or Unique Manuka Factor, is a prestigious grading system ensuring the potency and authenticity of mānuka honey. It measures key markers like methylglyoxal (MGO), dihydroxyacetone (DHA), and leptosperin, which are unique to mānuka honey. The UMF rating reflects these compounds' concentration, guaranteeing the honey's strength and purity. Higher UMF ratings indicate richer, more potent honey. This rating system is a promise of the quality and authenticity of our manuka honey.

Mānuka Honey UMF Rating Guide

5+ 10+ 15+ 20+ 24+ 26+ 28+ 32+

Limited Reserve

The UMF™ rating system independently certifies natural components found in mānuka honey to assure potency, purity, authenticity & freshness. Read More

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Frame of Bee Pollen with Bees

Power-Packed Pollen From Flowers, to Bees, to You

Bee pollen is a rich source of vitamins, including B vitamins for energy metabolism and essential minerals like calcium and magnesium for bone health. Remarkably, bee pollen is a complete protein, containing all essential amino acids, beneficial for vegetarians and vegans. It also boasts essential fatty acids, including Omega-3 and Omega-6, known for their anti-inflammatory properties and brain health support. Additionally, its antioxidant richness, with flavonoids and carotenoids, helps combat oxidative stress. Read our full article to learn more about the health benefits of Bee Pollen.

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