Propolis Royal Jelly Capsules, Spray and Extract


We offer a variety of Propolis products, including capsules, extract, and oral spray, for convenient consumption. 

Royal Jelly Capsules icon

Royal Jelly

Our Royal Jelly is available in both standard 3mg 10-2HDA and extra strength 12mg 10-H2DA easy-to-consume capsules.  

Bee Pollen Icon

Bee Pollen

Packed with essential nutrients and our natural Bee Pollen Granules are harvested with care to preserve their natural goodness.

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Manuka Honey & Propolis Drops

Soothing and Delicious – Our Manuka Honey Drops combine the goodness of Manuka Honey with premium Propolis Extract.

From the Hive to the Jar - Our Process

Helicopter lifting hives

1. Hives are placed in remote locations with dense Manuka forests, often only reachable by helicopter. 

manuka honey beehives

2. The honeybee collects nectar from the Manuka flower and stores it in the hive.

Manuka honey extraction

3. Our beekeepers extract the surplus honey from the hive and samples are tested.

manuka honey drum storage

4. The honey is matured in temperature controlled storage.

Manuka honey drums

5. The raw honey is creamed for three days, using traditional methods.

manuka honey lab testing

6. Samples are sent again to an accredited laboratory to be tested.

packaging production line

7. The creamed honey is poured into jars, labelled and boxed.

Manuka honey delivery truck

8. Our honey is shipped around the world, for our customers to enjoy a taste of New Zealand.

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