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Discover the journey of creating our premium New Zealand Manuka Honey


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Our Customers

"Manuka South swiftly dispatched orders, and any problems are quickly dealt with. We appreciate the direct and honest communication, and the provided marketing tools and translated information is great."

~ Kiwi Bird Life Park

"I was really impressed by Manuka South's professionalism and the way they presented the products. In just one year, Manuka South became our top honey brand.

As a supplier, Manuka South always listens to our feedback and suggestions, and provides all available resources to support us to optimize our sales opportunities in Queenstown."

~ New Zealand Retailer

"We appreciate that Manuka South is a family business brand and comes from New Zealand with guaranteed quality.

The team has given me great support, which is reflected in timely feedback and smooth communication."

~ International Distributor

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