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premium Power Bee 3-in-1 Supplement Bee Pollen, Propolis & Royal Jelly

Immunity Wound Healing Brain Health

125 Days of Wellness

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Anti Microbial


Propolis contains Flavonoids which have strong antioxidant properties that help reduce unwanted free radicals in the body.

Brain Health

Brain Health

Bee pollen contains many essential fatty acids which are crucial for overall brain health plus vital Amino Acids and Vitamins.

Regeneration Skin Health


The 10H2DA of Royal Jelly is a rare, natural fatty-acid which helps your body improve skin elasticity and assists in combating signs of aging.

Power Bee Capsules on Table

The Hive's Super Supplement Three Power Supplements Combined

Introducing Power Bee, a luxurious blend of nature's most precious gifts: Royal Jelly, Propolis, and Bee Pollen. This nature-crafted capsule is your pathway to holistic wellness, designed to invigorate your immune system, elevate your energy, and enhance your skin's natural radiance.

Bee Pollen, often called nature's superfood, is a treasure trove of essential nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and antioxidants. It supports the immune system and encourages your body's natural ability to manage inflammation. Propolis, a natural resin created by bees, is rich in antioxidants and offers supportive antibacterial and antiviral properties. Royal Jelly, the exclusive nourishment for the Queen Bee, contains vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

It's a unique substance that supports skin health and fosters a sense of well-being. Meticulously formulated, Power Bee encapsulates the essence of these three remarkable ingredients, making it the ultimate superfood supplement for those committed to a life of premium quality and optimal health.

Product Features Power Bee 3-in-1 Supplement Bee Pollen, Propolis & Royal Jelly

Queen bee and Worker Bee - Royal Jelly Difference

Crown Jewel of the Hive Royal Jelly's Advanced Benefits

Royal jelly, a unique substance produced by honeybees, offers a multitude of health benefits containing essential amino acids, B-vitamins, and unique fatty acids like 10-hydroxy-2-decenoic acid (10H2DA). These components contribute to its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties. Research suggests royal jelly can enhance brain health, improve arthritis, aid in inflammation reduction and pain management, assisting in hormonal balance, energy levels, and reproductive health. Read out article to learn more about the health benefits of Royal Jelly.

Discover the Health Benefits of Royal Jelly
Frame of Bee Pollen with Bees

Power-Packed Pollen From Flowers, to Bees, to You

Bee pollen is a rich source of vitamins, including B vitamins for energy metabolism and essential minerals like calcium and magnesium for bone health. Remarkably, bee pollen is a complete protein, containing all essential amino acids. It also boasts essential fatty acids, including Omega-3 and Omega-6, known for their anti-inflammatory properties and brain health support. Additionally, its antioxidant richness, with flavonoids and carotenoids, helps combat oxidative stress. Read our full article to learn more about the health benefits of Bee Pollen.

Learn More About Bee Pollen
Honeybees with Propolis

Antiviral & Antibacterial Propolis Powerhouse

Propolis, a resinous substance produced by bees, stands out for its extensive health benefits. Rich in antioxidants and known for its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antiviral properties, propolis has proven effective with aiding against a variety of bacteria, making it a natural antibiotic. It's particularly beneficial for boosting the immune system, managing inflammatory conditions, assisting with wound healing such as minor cuts, burns, and even acne. See our article for more details on the health benefits of Propolis.

Discover the Health Benefits of Propolis


Take two capsules daily with or without food.

Store in a cool dry place below 25°C out of direct sunlight.

Warning: This product contains Royal Jelly, Bee Pollen and Bee Propolis which can cause severe allergic reactions. Not recommended for asthma or allergy sufferers. Not to be given to children under two.

Nutritional Information


Bee Pollen - 230 mg, Royal Jelly - 55 mg (equivalent to 165 mg fresh Royal Jelly and 3 mg 10-HDA), Propolis Extract 120 mg, (equivalent to 600 mg fresh Propolis and 12 mg total flavonoids), Bovine Gelatine capsule.

Packed in New Zealand from imported ingredients.
The ingredients for this product, which are not easily accessible in New Zealand, were sourced from the finest sources from various countries worldwide to ensure that we offer the best quality product.

Power Bee (3-in-1 Supplement) Premium Bee Pollen, Propolis & Royal Jelly

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For three generations, our family has been at the forefront of curating the finest bee products. This enduring legacy is woven into the very fabric of Manuka South, reflecting a deep-rooted passion and expertise passed down through the years.

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Rob Haines Director/Owner