Premium Source, Premium Quality

Only the finest quality available is hand selected for our premium product range.

Our Commitment

We are passionate about quality. This starts with the relationships that we have nurtured over the last thirty years with our family of beekeepers, which enables us to carefully select each vintage most remarkable Mānuka honey available. It is because of these fantastic connections that we get the first pick of the very best honey available in New Zealand from all the top producers. 

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Crafted by Nature, Proven by Science

Good Honest Honey

The UMF Honey Association has a world-leading science programme that is focused on identifying the unique signature compounds of genuine Mānuka honey, as a way of safeguarding consumers and the industry. UMF stands for Unique Mānuka Factor. The most genuine, high-grade Mānuka honey from New Zealand displays a UMF® rating on the label and packaging. This represents the unique signature compounds characteristic of this honey which ensure purity and quality. These include: the key markers of Leptosperin, DHA and Methylglyoxal. 

From the Hive to the Jar

We are committed to quality, which is why we manage the whole process of production, from the hive to the jar, using the best manufacturing technology available and most stringent test methods for our premium Mānuka honey range.